This checklist details the do’s and don’ts of creating an ideal job posting. By applying the best practices job seekers will be more likely to find and apply to the postings. In addition, many source sites within our network have requirements that must be met for them to accept and publish postings.


Detailed Job Description
- Provide essential details about the job offer
-The highest performing job descriptions contain between 300-800 words. Job descriptions less than or greater than that range saw lower apply rates.

Simple, Search Friendly Job Title
- Search engines use the job title as the primary element for keyword search
- Any jobs with the following in the title will NOT be indexed by Google
  • Job fair
  • Hiring event
  • Career Fair
  • Hiring Fair
  • Multiple
  • Multiple Positions
  • Multiple openings
  • Various Positions
  • Several positions
  • Numerous
  • Open Positions
  • Full-Time Positions
- Leave clickbait out of titles.Job titles should be the name of the particular job as it might appear on a business card, with no extra information. Job descriptions is where work location, required degrees, company perks and other specifics should be detailed. Sites like Indeed will not post jobs with clickbait in the title

Include Company Name, Description and Benefits
- Employee benefits generate more applications
- Overview of company, Insurance Coverage, PTO, Flexible Hours
- If a specific salary cannot be mentioned, we recommend giving a range

Top Source Posting Guyideline Resource Links
- Indeed
- Glassdoor
- Ziprecruiter