One Stop Posting Solution

A network of National sites like healthcare specific job sites, American Academy of Family Physicians, Diversified job boards like the national association of black social workers, social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Glassdoor, local job sites, New York times, Orlando sentinel, and lots more.

Posting jobs, writing an ideal job posting so that passive and active job seekers will apply, takes a lot of time, how many words, what words, put in salary, sign on bonus, relocation assistance, what to do takes energy that is needed to do other things like new employee orientation, answering questions and concerns of current employees, retention is real important in today’s job market employees want to know you care it takes energy to do that.

Healthcare companies and universities are not in the business of writing postings, researching where to post, making sure the posting meets the criteria of the job site to get applications from job seekers that are qualified. Then checking to see if the job made it to the job site not enough time in a day to do all of that.

Facts about today’s job seekers both passive and active they look at 16 job sites and apply on all of them. The new generation and the not so new generation look on social networks 3 + hours a day. So using social networks is real important to attract this type of user that looks for jobs.